Lazy and sporty at the same time?

I had 2 hours of football practise (soccer) today, I’m the new goalie of the girl school football team and it made me think; can you be lazy and sporty at the same time? Because I’m pretty lazy but I also like sporting? I mean like I love laying in bed all day and Only go downstairs for the necessary things but I also like doing my sport, I hate PE tough…

I pariatly sport because I don’t want to get fat, it’s really weird; I accept any kind of people accept fat people that can do something about it which is in most cases that way. It’s extremely weird since my mommy is fat, but my dad is like skinny. The world is weird…

My perfect Saturday is waking up at 12, eating bacon&eggs made by my mom, it’s sunny and 25 C outside, my mom doesn’t need me to do any stupid jobs, I can play games and watch videos till I’m sick of it, I have grilled ham and cheese sandwich (toasty) as lunch, my friends happen to be around and we go shopping and have ice cream and find nice clothes, i come home and game and blog, chat with my dutch friends, have lasagne for dinner, watch a nice movie with the family (including Dora), I go to bed near 11 and watch the videos that are left, fall asleep round 12 and wake up 12 hours later to begin sunday D-: !

That’s pretty lazy right? But when I enter the sportsfield I can’t help but giving my all (well not always) and especially in games when I even get adrenaline I’m like hyper… as a quit person that’s really odd! I tend to make friends easyer when sporting beacause I’m like my oppsite there; Hyper, open , active. Everything I’m not at home or in school.

I used to cycle to school, but it’s to far and dangerous now, so I go by tram… I don’t really like it but it’s just the way it is. Just as the thing that I have to take exams this year to get an IGCSE diploma or whatever, I’m just staying in school till I have this thing called IB which is similar to the level I did in Holland.

Well… that’s it for today x Anouk


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