Today It was my turn to order when this girl which is in my year comes to me and is like: Could you order for me? It was on of the more popular girls, I didn’t even know her name so I just told her to go wait in line. Later when I was eating what I ordered I hear her talking about what i did, she probably didn’t notice I was there ( I was on a nearby table with my friends) and I was thinking: I might have just fucked up my chance to become popular, yay!

What happy? Yeah! I don’t want to be popular, I want people to know me because they like me or because I’m nice. Popular girls usually don’t get far in life after school because they’re always told they are fine this way and don’t push themselves to become better. I’ve never felt what it’s like to be popular though, but I do know that I’m more popular here then I was in Holland even tough the ”new girl” factor is also involved.

I wonder what I’ll be later, what will I study? What will my job be? Where will I live? I have no idea right now but it might come over the years, it’s just so stupid they already make you choose subjects at such a young age, like I know what I want to be?!

What do you want to be later? x Anouk


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