Everyone has to study except people with a photographic memory and so do I. Recently my geography teacher looked into everyone’s notes and noticed mine were practically empty so he asked me why. I don’t need to make notes of things I already know, I never look in to them anyways and my grades have always been fine. So he replied: Well better start doing it my way because otherwise you will never pass.. what an asshole!

I am not an average person if there even is something like that, I’m no nerd with thousands of notes and study hours but I do pay attention even tough it might not look like it. I like drawing in class, whether I’m bored or not I just do it because otherwise my mind isn’t challenged enough. I’m a girl which means I can multitask so I have no difficulty paying attention and drawing.

I hate it when people call my way of learning bad, it might not work for you but it does for me, I don’t think people can tell you how to study because everyone is unique and requires a different way of learning. Mine may seem simplistic and lazy, but while doing almost nothing I still get good grades so why should I change, I sometimes even get lower grades when I study.

They tell me that I need to remember everything of the past year and that that won’t happen with my method, but if I can remember all the stuff which is spread out over the weeks without learning I think I can remember it by just rereading the text. That’s what I’ve always done and that’s the way I will keep doing it. I can’t learn by writing it down, I have to connect it to my life and things that interest me and it works great for me.

How do you learn? x Anouk


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