Alcohol, smoking and drugs

Yeah a tough topic, why? Do I do them? No thnx! I was recently at a party where like half of the people did. It could have been fun with drinkers and non drinkers but it just ended up with drinkers and non drinkers in different groups.

When they decided to go into to to go to a bigger party where there could be drugs the birthday girl, a friend and I decided to go back home. I’d managed being around the drinking people just fine so I didnt have to go away because I couldn’t control myself but I just had this feeling something terrible would happen if I would go and that’s usually true…

So we just watched a movie until the other sleepover girls came and it ended up being fun but since I didn’t have my laptop there I didn’t blog and the day after I slept mostly…

I just think that if people don’t like you unless you’re drunk you have to find new friends and/or change yourself. Drinking at young age ( we’re 14-18) is just stupid because you grow brain cells till 21 and drinking them away already is worse then drinking them away when you have them all.

And drugs, that is just the worst: you take something poisonous to feel good once and then you try to get the same feeling but it never comes back (say ex-users). Apparently it is way more usual on this school to use drugs, why? When some guy mentioned it at the party the others where like: yeah haven’t done it in a while. If someone says that where I used to live they will find you weird and crazy…

Smoking is a personal hate, I can’t be with a guy that smokes. I just don’t want to fuck up my lungs or kiss someone with such a terrible taste in the mouth. I don’t get the fun, but well I can’t understand everything.


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