Fear and phobias

So I went to this theme park lately… and I’m scared of heights so I can’t go in any roller coaster which sucks. So eventually my friends dragged me into this planes thing where you can go do a barrel roll and stuff and it was just awful. Anything which is higher then the average building is to high, very convenient for someone who sleeps on the 5th floor…

Well that’s not my only fear, I’m afraid of being upside down and spiders. I HATE spiders! Small and big, but big the most. This one time in the Czech Republic one ran across the room I was sleeping in and I was so scared! Eventually it sat still for a long time and i put a glass over him and waited till the next morning for my dad to throw him out. It has not been my scariest moment, but my  scariest moment is not meant to be told.

People say you can get over fears like being afraid of heights and spiders, but why would I?! Being afraid of heights prevents you from standing near the edge of a ravigne and being afraid of spiders helps you not getting bit by one and keeping your house clean (of spiderwebs).

I think phobias and  fears are allowed to exist as long as its not over something stupid like a collour. Do you have any fears? x Anouk


3 thoughts on “Fear and phobias

  1. Charlottethesecond says:

    I do recognize the fear for heights and hanging upside down 😉 that’s why i’m always a heroine with gymnastics haha… I think that fears who keep you from living a free life, are fears you have to get over with, but some are just there. And I know that being afraid for a lot of things sucks, it really keeps me from doing things! Do you have that too?

    • DorAnouk says:

      Yeah, I can’t go into rollercoasters so I rarely go to theme parks and stuff. Also shyness is anoying but I’m getting over it :-/. Happy you left a reaction btw ;-).

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