Not the most pleasent experience I know but you sometimes need to do it. With friends it’s more fun but it doesn’t take away the endless walking and searching since I’m picky…
I recently went to get a wintercoat since winters are cold here in Germany and it takes a while to find one but luckly for my parents I don’t really like brands. I ended up with a beany, cutetough t-shirt and denim shirt as well, yay for outlets. Did I need that? Yep, my wardrobe is mainly filled with to small out of fashion things just to make it look full. I don’t have much to wear…
I like staying in pjs anyway which I do during the weekends. I don’t really care about fashion which makes me a nonfollower. I rarely find anything that I wear in the stores when I go shopping just because I find the weirder things.
Many things would look good on me and people say I’m pretty and could dress better, but I only wear what fits my personality and figure which acording to my mom is a “perfect pear”. Whatever, I’m not fat and not skinny. I just like eating cholate and crisps and stay in all day. But I am playing football at the moment +- 2,5 hours of training a week cause of Training at PE but that will be over soon.
Okay that isnt about shopping at all… I’m not saying that I hate hate it but I don’t like going a lot. If my parents would give me a certain amount of money each month to buy clothes I would end up with nothing to wear because now the sometimes just “drag” me with them. Well they do reward me with some icecream :-D. Shopping for games is possible anytime though :-D, mainly because theres no fitting involved and theres more freedom

Do you like shopping? X Anouk


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