My blog

Followers can’t always tell what a blog is about by just reading one post. That’s why I’m telling you what it’s about.

I find my subjects in my daily live, I don’t just tell what I do because that would be boring. I put in some facts, some science, arguments and statements, personal experiences and my opinion.

It’s easy? You have to know a lot, have  a strong opinion, be creative and find the time to type it out. I have school, my growing youtube channel and a social life (yes I do!) I also keep my social media up to date and need to sleep and eat.

If my life is so busy why did I start this? Because my mind has to be constantly challenged, I get bored at school because we do only one thing at a time and that’s why all my notes are surrounded by drawings, to keep my mind occupied. I do listen to what the teachers say don’t worry, but I also do stuff that interests me.

I am also an example of life gets better, I know my story isn’t the most shocking but it did have an impact on my life and personality. If I would  have grown up as the only child my parents had I might have never been depressed, but I don’t know what would have happened if. If is something we shouldn’t bother thinking about, it corrupts your view of things and makes it harder to accept the truth. When thinking about possibilities that could happen in the future you might want to look at the ifs but if its about what could have happened just don’t worry.

I try to post twice a week, coming back on the original subject, but I can’t always make it. Until my next post, stay post, stay positive and think twice before acting! x Anouk


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