God I hate them, ruining your day for no reason at all! Or make your day depending on what they say: If it’s about you smelling bad you want to kill the person that started it, but if it’s about your crush liking you you will probably hug the person who told the secret to death.

I had a weird case: After football practise this girl comes up to me and asks “Is it true that Friend is your boyfriend?!” No I replied, we’re just friends, who said that?! “I don’t know, it’s just a rumour, I also asked C, he said no as well.” Later that day I asked Friend what he knew about the rumour and I was surprised by what he told me;”Girl asked my as well, but she said you told her I was your boyfriend. I kept saying it isn’t true but she wouldn’t stop” At least it isn’t true and we know it. “Yeah, maybe someday, you never know what happens ;-)” . I was surprised about the fact I have 2 different stories and that Friend said that it might happen. I managed to sneakily ask whether he thought we would fit together and he said: “I think so…” Little does he know I have a crush on him!

Anyway… there’s not much you can do to prevent rumours, just ignore them and never belive them. People have killed themselfs because of rumours! x Anouk


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