I am bothered with so many. Others, mine and questions of which the answers are already known. Questions cause stress and need answering but what if there is no answer? What if you are the only one who can find out the answer. Sometimes answering one gives you three more. You shouldn’t deal with all of them alone yet you shouldnt share them all.
A question can have many answers which can depend on the person asking and answering.
Some are not meant to be answered and some you dont want to know the answer to. Why do they make out lives so difficult? Why bother thinking of them? Questions about questions…
A question who’s answer keeps changing is: Who am I? Because people change. You have to keep finding yourself and stay true to that
You shouldn’t worry about questions that don’t concern you and not be afraid to not know the answer. Questions are meant to be asked because we want to know.
The question which is bothering me at the moment has to do with secrets (see my post) the should I tell question. You need to know the outcome to know wheter you want to know, just like with grades: you want to know wheter its a good grade to know if you want to hear it.
Its a dilemma and you’ll have to choose. Some people are better at dealing with them than others. Theres a dillema about wheter you should choose quickly or take time when a dillema occurs. Lot of inception in this post xD.
There is no such thing a choosing wrong, you just choose something that had other disadvantages and advantages after rain comes sun and the other wat arround

Okay I’ve been rambling for long enough, time to end with a question: what came first, the chicken or the egg? X Anouk


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