The word people use to describe me combined with shy fun and different, but what is random? Random means something done without a reason, without logic. Humans can’t do something random and because humans make machines nothing is actually random, everything has some logic to it. People call it random because they don’t see the logic, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t there. Animals just follow their insticts which are there for a reason. Everything happens for a reason, there’s logic to everything, we just don’t always understand.

I tend to switch topic, well that’s what others say. I connect the current topic to a memory to link that to something I want the others to know and that’s the part they miss. This is called the missing link, some can easily be abridged (like the ones used in books) and others take more time or will never be found out (crimes). As soon as you have the link you understand.

I do not research anything before writing a blog, I just picked it up along the way. See? Missing link: this might seem professional. I just experienced something or have a bright moment and so I start typing, it’s annoying though that I can’t type as fast as I think. I am smart I won’t deny it but I don’t like saying that. I’m not gradesmart I am lifesmart, I like to call myself a connector; I connect events to find the best way to proceed. I’m not perfect though, don’t get me wrong. I still learn everyday, more on days like today than on school days. In school the just stuff you with facts and expect you to know them of by heart or whatever.the expression might be. Life lesson, skills that actually get you somewhere, are learned in the real world where not everyone has a fair chance and people act rational.

I’m getting off track as usual, with my “wisdom”. It’s hilarious how many people think I’m at least 16, just by my way of writing and acting even though I’m 14, almost 15. But what is age other than a definate number? It doesn’t say anything about you other than the time you’ve spend on earth. That’s why I don’t care, I believe in relative age, for how far can you support yourself. I have older friends and younger friends of which all selected for a reason. I can be a different part of me with every one of them. People change the way you act and the other way arround. It’s the best to stay true to yourself for as far as you can but no one is pure.

I’ve tried changing myself to have more friends, acting like someone I wasn’t. I stopped after a while, I wanted to be me. Some of them left, they only like the caracter I was playing. So don’t be afraid to show the true you! Yeah you might have more friends if you act like someone you’re not but do they like you or the person you’re pretending to be?

Okay time to wrap this up. Was this blog random? X Anouk


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