I’m not an expert but it can be pretty drastic but well I moved from northwest-Holland to east-Germany, exchanging the sea for lakes and Dutch for Deutsch. It definatly changed my life in many ways both positive and negative. Right now I’m in Holland meeting up with old friends which is fun and worth the 9 hour train ride, but they knew most of what happened because with internet comunication is so easy.

I remember the emptyness in our new house during the first night… I had a bed and that was it. All we had were 2 bathrooms a kitchen without pans some foldable chairs and 2 beds for 3 people. I don’t know how we survived the first morning we had soooo little supplys! Well the movers arrived and we got all our boxes to spend the next week unpacking them. I wasn’t really there for the packing, I escaped the house and it was neccesary. It’s not a nice place to stay when there are men putting our stuff in boxes. Why do we even put our stuff in boxes? It might be the easiest way to transport stuff but still it’s weird…

I moved because of my dads work, our house was fine and my parents are hapily together so we never moved before. Now I think our house here is small, funny how easily you get spoiled…

Yeah we kept the house in case we get sent back after a year, but I don’t think so. We have a deal for 3 years and after that I’m done with school so I’ll go my own way.

Many people don’t like the leaving behind part but all you leave behind is your friends. A house is just a roof over your head, schools are everywhere and you make a place a home.

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2 thoughts on “Moving

  1. Charlottethesecond says:

    i don’t entirely agree with you. Yeah moving has positive and negative aspects, but a house can be more than a roof. I have moved 8 times and having the 9th coming up soon, and one house was really a home to me, the others not at all. I’d never have to move away from my friends, but still moving when you don’t want to is pretty bad i think. Are you now at home more in your house in Germany?! x

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