How are you?

I’m fine, my standard answer since most people don’t really care. But am I really fine? Sometimes I’m not but school demands you to be… or they’ll make you talk to the counseler who keeps it “confidential” while telling your parents and teachers -_-. He’s a creep anyway, but it doesn’t help for me, talking to someone who doesn’t know me, someone that doesn’t understand me.

I guess I’m just waiting for that person that sees trough my ‘I’m fine’ act and asks whats up, I’ll probably give him/her a big kiss on the cheek xD. It seems we all work this way, waiting for the person that knows you better than you do…

Sometimes I just feel like nobody understands me, not even me, I’m complicated xD. Doesn’t really help that I’m socially awkward… but observing people from a distance has helped me a lot though and with the power of chat you can slowly work to real conversations :D.

I wish I had someone to tell all my problems to, I have one to tell most to but not everything. And who do you talk to when you have a problem with that person?! It might seem easier to keep your problems for yourself but bringing in another mind helps.

Telling my problems helped me deal with stress which caused my 24/7/365 tiredness to go away, waking up awake after 3 years feels amazing trust me!

Research has proven that you go crazy if you don’t socialize and that thw chance of depression is way bigger if you’re friendless. Even though good en best friends are hard to find you have to keep looking and making friends to just hang out with.

Lol from not being fine to make friends #random. My tips for seeing wheter people really care is responding with thing like: I’m tired, I’ve been better, bad day. They will show wheter they care with the way they look, don’t pay atention to their words.

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2 thoughts on “How are you?

  1. Charlottethesecond says:

    Haha 🙂 I understand that feeling! I’ve it too, most of the days at school. I’ve been seeing some one to help me deal with stuff, but you know, it would be nice that some really cared about you and will listen and is your friend! 🙂 But I’ll try to make new friends and stuff, we’re going on an exchange with some people, but I’m really socially awkward so i’m pretty scared :DD some advice maybe 😛 x

    • DorAnouk says:

      I suggest looking at what kind of people there are and just hang out with “your kind”. If you’re wondering what to do, just copy others and be observant overall. In my friendless year I learned more about how to hang out with people than in my 14 years where I had friends. And having many friends isnt important, try to find a few awesome people 😉

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