Wisdom moment, space & time

I’ve got it again, answers to questions I never asked. My mind has been clouded by an illness, a physical one. Many are sick in body or mind, not all can be cured. I wonder why I have these moments of wisdom at my age.

But age is only a defined number, it counts the times my physical body has travelled around the sun on this earth to the same spot it was on the day I was born.

Most take years or a completed lifetime to grow wise and others never do. I am blessed with a pure heart and a capable brain just like many, but the road of youth is tretcherous and takes many with it’s temptations. Survivors make it far in life researching why and how.

Why was the universe created? How? I of course donot know, but maybe we’ve been looking at the problem from the wrong direction. Something can’t be created out of nothing, it could be a loop and while we are researching the beginning we should be researching what comes next.

Whenever I experience such a moment my use of language changes for unknown reasons.

There is so much man does not know and might never know.
But not everything can be thaught, some things have to be experienced or found out on our own and that’s when our lovely friend time comes in.

We are ticking time bombs with a limited lifespan, never enough time and a body to weak.

Time is an Illusion and yet it rules our lives, you can ask anyone what the time is before the hurry somewhere to be on time.

Time was made up to control people, that is why in ancient cultures they don’t know time, they know day and night even though a fine line seperates them.

Knowing is painfull, truth hurts. Knowing how little power you have against people we follow just because they have a certain job, a certain amount of control, it sucks.

See I’m losing it the slang returns and so does the 15 year old girl sitting on her bed around midnight…


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