A certain someone couldn’t think of a title…

I am picky and I know it, I’ve learned to live with it (to a certain extent) and people know me for it. Some things I’m a bit extreme while others fall within “normal” margins.

For example Food can’t

Look weird
Have little bits
Smell strongly (in a bad way)
Be bland
Be chewy
Be too crunchy
Be too healthy
Be bugs or the such
Be vegetarian

For almost everything I have such a list but there is one thing where I’m less picky than most people: Dating and the such, in fact there’s only 2 requirements

  1. Person must like me (crush or more)
  2. Can’t be an asshole

Now you’d think that wouldn’t be so hard but still I remain forever single. I have been on dates and I’ve had one super awkward first kiss that to this day makes me cringe, but I’ve never been in a relationship (unless my cat counts). The problem is actually not reason 2 but in fact reason 1, I only know two guys that meet criteria 1 and one of em does not match number 2. That means one guy matches both requirements?! Yes, but it’s a little more complicated coming from his side, so it didn’t work.

Now you might think I need to raise my standards but I think they’re very reasonable since so far one person has been able to meet them. Honestly if someone had the guts to ask me out (for whatever reason) I’d say yes, it must have taken so much courage to ask, who would I be not to give this person a chance? Besides you’re supposed to do fun things on a date, so even if the person sucks you can still enjoy your time doing whatever it is you’ve been invited to.


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