Changing habits

To me this year is all about change. Having dropped out of grade 11 (IB) last year because I couldn’t keep up made me realise I’d been doing it all wrong. So this year I’ve started again but with a different approach which is totally out of character but if I remain the same I’ll get the same results (otherwise Vaas can call me insane).

So far I’ve been trying my best to do all my homework and work on assignments as soon as I have time, in stead of doing some and assignments being last minute jobs. I’ve also given my details for babysitting jobs which will hopefully bring in some money for snacks and little rewards every now and then and of course the main part will go to my travel fund. What hasn’t been so successful so far is trying to be more active and perhaps working out. Sore muscles aren’t exactly an encouraging result.

Smaller changes are things like helping out more in the house, keeping my room clean and going out (of the house) more. It’s all definitely something to get used to but people have responded positively and it’s less stressful to do everything on time, eheheh. Sometimes I lie in my bed after a long day wondering why I put in so much effort but at least I’m tired enough to fall asleep.

I know I’ve changed a lot since I moved here especially after reading my old blog entries, but some things never change. Some post were really childish and funny, really like a 14 year-old and often I made a bigger deal out of things than they really were. I believe I now sound more mature and my writing tone has definitely shifted, with more experience I can write better about many subjects that I knew little of before. I’ve certainly changed my behaviour already since then, standing up for myself more and voicing my opinion. Physical changes or of course logical, though I still regret cutting my hair.

What I have lost over time is my blogging style, I now just randomly jot things down or just post a poem. What I used to do was not a good style but at least I had one, so bear with me as I figure out what I want to do with this blog. Besides it’s not the only thing I have to write on :’). My book isn’t open to the public (protecting my ideas) but there are… other stories you could read:

Naruto fanfic
Kakashi fanfic


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