A little victory

Today the decision for change school program have been finalised and I’m so happy (a rare thing) and I will celebrate soon with a visit to a nearby sushi place with my best friend (and my mom :/).

Here’s the situation:
I started IB (International Baceloreate) CP (certificate program) this year, it is a practical-academic program aimed to get you into apprenticeships. Last year I started IB DP (diploma program) usually just known as IB, it’s recognised around the world and super academic. However it was too stressfull and I was underprepared after IGCSE (International Genreal certificate of Secondary Education) which was easy.
I quickly discovered that CP was below my level and the class was people that didn’t fit into DP and I wished to change. School wasn’t too thrilled and made me wait 2 weeks filled with ridiculous reasons before finally saying yes today!

I will join DP tomorrow and follow it for the coming 2 years to get my diploma, after that I wish to travel the world and study… something. It’s a big change and not many would make it but I felt so strongly about it I was prepared to go trough the stress of changing. This is proof that not giving up can really get you what you want (sometimes)

Anyway… I just wanted to let out this happy message and this fitting poem

Same same, but different
Finally they listened
Back to what I know
Feels like coming home

For now I celebrate
Though a little late
Work will have to be done
But for now let’s have some fun

This time I’ll win
Now I can begin
IB Diploma is my goal
Now I’ll give my all


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