Eyes, sight and view

Eyes are the window to the soul

What colour are your eyes? Not an unusual question,for me however the question has an unusual answer. In fact it needs explanation and a tale from my past.

You see, my eyes aren’t simply grey, blue, green or brown. Neither are they a combination of any 2 colours, not even 3. They are in fact all colours at once while being none at all. In fact, I don’t know their true colour.

All I’m certain of is that on the outer edge of my iris I have a dark grey ring and the very inner edge touching my pupil has brown “flames”. Depending on the light and my mood the space in between will seem either green,blue or grey but light nonetheless. Over the years I’ve had them change from a more blue tone, towards grey and now the the brown “flames” are taking up more and more of iris. I’m also often told my eyes look green when I’m experiencing intense emotions.

Seems like everything else about me, my eyes have their own style. Since it runs in the family my eyesight is poor and will grow worse as I grow older. I often wear lenses to make full use of my eyes, but if I had to give up one sense sight would be high on my list. I’d give up smell first though, since my sense of smell is poor to non existent. Sight I’d say is the most annoying of the senses, unfortunately our society is built around it and I wouldn’t be able to read my precious books without it.

I like special eyes like mine, so deep blues won’t swoon me. I like seeing what’s behind things rather than the immediate picture, that’s why you won’t find me at places like waterfalls or other things I could have just google a picture of. How do things work? Why do people do something? Plain old curiosity.

I’ts not what you see that changes your view, but the knowledge of what’s behind it that does. A random combination of letters is nothing if the word has no meaning to you just as when you don’t know how to play a sport you won’t enjoy or see the use of it.

What’s my view on life? It’s a paradox: There’s no reason to do anything as we will die anyway, we must make use of the time we have since we will die anyway. If there’s anything I wouldn’t want it would be to be immortal, doomed to live forever while those I care about die. Being unaffected by time, living without purpose. Sounds like a punishment worse than death.

Wow I got way off topic! I’ll end it here for now, hope you didn’t mind the ramble.


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