Like a caveman

Poof said the internet, and so was my connection to my friends. Probably worst of all the contact with my bf (I somehow got one since Saturday). I’m now at school where they do have internet though terribly slow. One of the things it made me realise is how much I rely on the interwebz to entertain me and make my life easier.

I went on a 5 week trip to Singapore and Australia and I knew beforehand wifi would be minimal to nonexistent but now it caught me off guard. My first instinct when it went offline was to try and google the solution… yeah that didn’t work. I’ll just go back to watching anime then… but I can’t stream right now. Then I’ll just check Tumblr… never mind… What works without wifi? Right I can read and listen to music! I should probably download the new songs… old songs it is. I even had trouble sleeping as normally I watch videos or do something brainless to fall asleep but now all I could do was read and my book was finished after a bit.

So yeah that happened, not that you think that I disappeared or got abducted by aliens. Of course I would have definitely posted something had I had internet (I totally wasn’t inspiration-less). I hope I can fix the issue soon, but until then I’ll live the life of a cavemen. Still it’s not like I have to go without electricity so I’ll live 🙂


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