Staring outside

3 years

Long hair, dead eyes and a gaze locked on the ground
Lost in her own world with no one around
Silent and frail, Invisible to the crowds
No one sees her screaming out
Someone save me, I’m falling apart
Her pleading remains unheard
She crumbles as time flows past
How much longer will she last

Even I didn’t see her and she did not recognise me
How huge the difference 3 years make can be
I’d like to tell her tales of what’s to come
How much she had in her all along
Even my success has had its price
Still happiness is on the rise
Finally escaping the world of shadows
Climbing out of the ravine so low

Younger me don’t fear
Times of adventure are here
Boredom ends and life begins
In the end perseverance wins
Much will be unknown to you
But you’ll know what to do
Prepare for change, prepare for difficulty
Survive and you’ll be strong like me

Beware of darkness it still lurks
Treasure individuality and your quirks
For friends will come to  find you
They will understand you’re true
Supporting you along the way
Life takes people to play

This rollercoaster keeps on goin’
Even for me it’s unknown
Where it will take us
But you should know this
Your future lies ahead
Now get off of your bed
Change takes effort and dedication
Don’t give up or lose your patience


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