Unspoken words

I’ve been keeping something secret from you, actually a lot of things. Were it crippling anxiety, fear of rejection or something of which I’m still unaware? Now I’ll tell you everything I never said.

Any food you make is delicious even when it isn’t
I always hate leaving you even if we’ll see each other tomorrow
I can’t count how often I’ve thought of waking up to your lovely sleepy face
I can’t seem to stop thinking about you I do it all the time
I can’t sleep without missing the feeling of your arms around me
I cling to the sweet things you told me when I’m feeling down
I feel sad when I can’t see your smile
I get jealous when I hear others talk about you
I may or may not have stared at you… a lot
I miss the taste of your lips I bet you don’t
I never seem to find the courage to make a move towards you
I often beat myself up over things I should have and things I shouldn’t have done around you
I remember every word you said, every move you made
I want to hold your hand just a little longer and never let go
I want to ruffle your hair and you mine
I want to steal one of your sweaters just to take a little bit of you wherever I go
I’ll have to leave you someday and I hope it never comes
I’ll lie, get in trouble or miss out on something important to me just to be there for you
I’m always looking forward to the next time I see you
I’m glad that I met you
I’ve dropped so many hints and still you seem oblivious
I’ve thought of so many what ifs
I’ve wanted you to caress my cheek for the longest time
I’ve wanted you to hold me tighter
If the whole world wanted me to be theirs I’d still be chasing you
It hurts that you’re always just out of reach
My “jokes” about us being together really hurt
Oh your smile makes me melt
You can call me with a problem and I’ll drop everything I was doing
You can change my mood in a split second
You make me burn up in the cold of winter and freeze in the hot of summer
You’ve changed me in ways I could never imagine
You’re the only one I ever tell how I really feel well not about you
Your messages bring more joy than any other’s

I know you’re broken and imperfect but that doesn’t stop me from… loving you

I love you


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