Questions to the heart

Foolish little heart, have you no sense of what is wise?
Did you ever consider the consequences, the price?
Have you forgotten what you’ve put us trough?
How will I know my feelings to be true
When you can’t make a simple choice
As to whom we want to hold close

Nay, we know don’t we?
With whom we wish to be
You’d known all along
Twas I who was wrong
Seems we’re both the fool
For whom we love is cruel

Extraordinary in being and taste
Making talent go to waste
Chasing what I’ll never have
Forever beyond my grasp
I’ve gotten used to the pain
The pattern remains the same

Seems as though when I walk your path
I face the thorn of misfortune’s wrath
I’ve found no¬†joy within love
Due to all the loath
Received from those that said
They’d love me till they’re dead

For what reason do I remain loyal
To one whom chaos will follow
How does thou lure time and time again
Back into the devils den?
It’s not my pain the bothers me
But that of others, set them free

Hurt me all you need
Spare them this deed
Of them I am unworthy
So why should they love me
We are to suffer alone
Tis what we’ve always done


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