“Evil”, selfish, deceitful, sceptic, pessimistic, risk taker, confident, casual, anti-social, violent, cheeky, flirty, loud, fearless, rebellious, jealous, lazy, secretive

Appearance: I often see her as a devil with horns, a pointy tail and short spiky hair different in colour whenever I see her. She dresses very revealing and colourful and isn’t afraid to throw a punch or a mean comment.

She doesn’t get along well with Order, considering they’re pretty much opposites. They find it hard to agree on things and even if they do the when and how’s are often still different. Bones was created out of her jealousy and has helped shape us to what we are now but she’s taking this too far and Chaos now avoids her. If there’s anyone she doesn’t get it has to be Fade. We’re amazing, why would we want to end it or ruin our pretty body?