“Good”, Selfless, Honest, Trustworthy, Hopeful, Patience, Concern, Scared, optimistic, serious, shy, insecure, peaceful, quiet, follower, open

Appearance: I often see her as an angel with white feathery wings a hallow and long dark blond hair hiding one of her eyes. She always wears white frilly girly stuff that covers up everything. She doesn’t look me straight in the eyes and often shys away in the background.

She doesn’t get along well with Chaos, considering they’re pretty much opposites. They find it hard to agree on things and even if they do the when and how’s are often still different. Fade used to be a part of her but developed into someone who tried to trick her into doing as he says. Chaos was the one to save her from him and she’s been more lenient to her ways ever since. If there’s anyone she gets it has to be Bones. Sure we’re not pretty or something  and little weight loss wouldn’t hurt but she’s too extreme and will damage us almost as much as Fade would.